Full Service Moving Company

Whether your move is residential, commercial, local, interstate, or international, Leap Movers Atlanta Moving & Storage provides personalized, customer-focused full service moving solutions. Residential, Commercial, Local, Interstate, or International

We know you have options when it comes to moving companies. Should you go with a national moving company, a low-cost moving company with a couple of trucks and temporary workers, or are there other choices? There are a lot of factors to weigh such as price, customer service, reputation, expertise, reliability, and insurance.

We Are:

  • Priced Competitively
  • Highly Skilled and Experienced
  • Provide Personalized Service
  • Reliable
  • Fully Insured
  • More Than Just Point A to B.



Leap Movers Atlanta moving means doing the job efficiently according to YOUR schedule. It means relieving you of any uncertainty about whether your items will be protected and delivered in the same condition you last saw them. Leap Movers Atlanta moving includes respecting the physical structure (walls, floors, doorways) and perimeter (lawns and driveways) at the pick-up and destination sites. Full service moving means "no hassle"- the challenges, logistics, and heavy lifting are our responsibility, not yours.

Experience Counts in a Moving Company

Our professional movers have an average of three years of experience and our crew leaders have been with us much longer than that. These are no surprises for us when we show up to pack or move you. Our moving company teams will pack, load, move, and unload your goods quickly with precision.

Moving Company Doing It Right

More than 90% of our jobs come from previous clients along with their referrals. We're very proud of that fact and we hope you would agree that it's a good indication that Leap Movers Atlanta truly is an amazing full service moving company!